These photos of Lands End on the tip of Sands Point, Long Island, New York, were taken by photographer Roberta Fineberg using an iPhone. Roberta submitted the shots through the Untapped Mailbag, writing, “The setting for The Great Gatsby, Lands End, has become a kind of poetic dead end or no man’s land; you be the judge.” The images document the remnants and debris from the original Stanford White masterpiece that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s setting for Daisy’s house in The Great Gatsby on the “East Egg.”

Daisy’s house from The Great Gatsby

Roberta photographed the remnants of the pool house in 2012, after the house was demolished in 2011 to make way for five custom homes, each beginning at $10 million. The house has a storied history in addition to its place in literary lore–celebrities such as The Marx Brothers, Ethel Barrymore and Winston Churchill attended parties at Lands End. F. Scott Fitzgerald was of course also a regular.

Daisy’s house from The Great Gatsby

The original 25-room Colonial Revival was in poor shape by 2011 and Sands Point Village approved its demolition in early 2011. According to Curbed, the developers did try to sell the house at $30 million to no success, and claimed they had “no choice” but to tear it down. There’s even a sad video of its demolition from CBS.

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