Chicago Timeline: 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre was the 1929 Valentine’s Day murder of seven members and associates of Chicago’s North Side Gang. The men were gathered at a Lincoln Park garage on the morning of Valentine’s Day, where they were lined up against a wall and shot by four unknown assailants who were dressed like police officers. The incident resulted from the […]

Rebuilt, but never forgotten – the McCormick Place fire of 1967

Currently known as the largest convention center in North America, Chicago’s McCormick Place was once struck with tragedy. Built in November 1960 as a $35 million facility, it stood as the centerpiece of the nation’s tradeshow industry. The convention center was thought to be fireproof because of its steel and concrete foundation, but one cold, bitter […]

The Sixties – The New Generation

The Sixties. All you have to do is say it out loud, and people of a certain age immediately smile. Kids today are wearing Sixties fashions – bell bottoms, peasant tops, faux fur trimmed jackets – largely in tribute to this great decade. When the Sixties happened, the Western world came of age. It was […]

Nostalgic Flashback Of The 1950s Era

By Barbara Wangelid Since I grew up in the 1950’s it is fun for me to reflect on some of the nifty things during that era. Drive In Theatres Known then as the “passion pit”, Drive In Theatres bring back many happy memories! My birthday being in July was the prime season for Drive In […]

The Story of Chicago Houses – James Charnley House

The James Charnley Residence, also known as the Charnley-Persky House, is a historic house museum at 1365 North Astor Street in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Built in 1892, it is one of the few surviving residential works of Louis Sullivan, and features major contributions by Frank Lloyd Wright, who was then working as a draftsman in Sullivan’s office. The house is […]

Timeline of Boston history – National Theatre, Boston (1836)

The National Theatre (1836-1863) was a theatre in the West End of Boston, Massachusetts, in the mid-19th century. William Pelby established the enterprise in 1836, and presented productions of “original pieces, and the efforts of a well selected stock company, which, with few exceptions, have been American. The scenery is of the highest order, and the business of the stage well directed. […]

Timeline of Chicago history – The John Hancock Center 1969

875 North Michigan Avenue is a 100-story, 1,128-foot supertall skyscraper located in Chicago, Illinois. Located in the Magnificent Mile district, the building was officially known as the John Hancock Center prior to February 12, 2018, when its name was changed to 875 North Michigan Avenue. It was constructed under the supervision of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, with chief designer Bruce Graham and structural engineer Fazlur Khan. When the building […]

Timeline of the Bronx – The Kingsbridge Armory 1917

The Kingsbridge Armory, also known as the Eighth Regiment Armory, is located on West Kingsbridge Road in the New York City borough of the Bronx. It was built in the 1910s, from a design by the firm of then-state architect Lewis Pilcher to house the New York National Guard’s Eighth Coast Defense Command (258th Field Artillery Regiment after November 1921), a regiment-sized unit which relocated […]