Historic Mansions on Long Island – Greentree

Greentree is a 400-acre (1.6 km2) estate in Manhasset, New York[ on Long Island. The estate was constructed for businessman Payne Whitney in 1904 and was owned by members of the Whitney family for much of the 20th century. It is currently owned by the Greentree Foundation, a philanthropic nonprofit organization. History Payne Whitney purchased the estate for his bride, Helen Julia Hay, in 1904.[ As with other Gold Coast […]

Lost Mansions of Long Island’s Gold Coast – Lands End

These photos of Lands End on the tip of Sands Point, Long Island, New York, were taken by photographer Roberta Fineberg using an iPhone. Roberta submitted the shots through the Untapped Mailbag, writing, “The setting for The Great Gatsby, Lands End, has become a kind of poetic dead end or no man’s land; you be the judge.” The […]

Historic Mansions on Long Island – Coindre Hall

Coindre Hall, originally called West Neck Farm, is a 40-room, 80,000-square-foot (7,400 m2) mansion in the style of a medieval French château constructed in 1912 for pharmaceutical magnate George McKesson Brown. The home was designed by Clarence Luce, a Paris architect. It overlooks 34 acres (14 ha) of rolling land including a boathouse on the north shore of Long Island adjacent […]

Historic Mansions on Long Island – Hempstead House (Guggenheim Estate)

Hempstead House, also known as the Gould-Guggenheim Estate or Sands Point Preserve, is a large estate that was started by Howard Gould and completed by Daniel Guggenheim in 1912. It is located in Sands Point, New York The estate The grounds contain two castle-like buildings, Hempstead House, the main house, and a smaller house, known as Castle Gould. The main house measures 225 ft […]

The Ruins of King Zog’s New York Mansion, Long Island

Long Island, New York is home to a legion of stately mansions that in the early 20th century, would provide the inspiration and backdrop for The Great Gatsby. The so-called ‘Gold Coast’ became the playground for Manhattan’s wealthy elite, who built themselves English-styled grand houses, with plush, landscaped gardens, and the most luxurious interiors money could […]

Gold Coast Gems: Mansions Of Long Island

The Gold Coast is home to stunning grand estates, set against a backdrop of the picturesque shores of Long Island. A highlight of the 1920s Gatsby-era, these homes have stood the test of time, with many transforming into museums, venues and historical memorials of years past. Take a tour of these Gold Coast mansions and […]

Long Island’s Gold Coast Mansions

NY’s Gold Coast Mansions. In the grand era of the Great Gatsby (novel by F Scott Fitzgerald) and the industrial revolution – great fortunes were made by many. Wealthy industrialists made Long Island their home creating many Gold Coast Mansions. Grand estates were built many of which imported various fixtures, materials and art pieces from around the world. Although […]

East Islip, New York, Long Island-History and overview

East Islip is a hamlet and CDP in the Town of Islip, Suffolk County, New York, United States. At the time of the 2010 census, the CDP had a population of 14,475. History and overview Originally referred to as “East of Islip”, the name was acquired in 1890 from the estate of William Nicoll, an English aristocrat who purchased the surrounding land in 1683 to erect […]

Historic Mansions on Long Island from the Gold Coast Era – Falaise (Guggenheim Estate)

Falaise, the third mansion on the Guggenheim Estate, was built by Daniel Guggenheim’s son Harry on the 90 acres of the estate presented to him by his father upon his marriage. The waterfront, 13th century Norman style manor is one of the few intact historic houses on the North Shore of Long Island. The house contains […]

Historic Mansions on Long Island from the Gold Coast Era – Winfeld Hall, Woolworth Mansion

Located at Glen Cove, the historic Woolworth Estate, also known as Winfield Hall,  was designed in 1916 by acclaimed architect C. P. H Gilbert for the prominent department store owner Frank Winfield Woolworth. Construction of the Italian Renaissance style home was commenced immediately after Woolworth’s prior home–located at the same site–was destroyed in a mysterious fire. Fortunately, […]