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The world’s first skyscraper: Chicago’s Home Insurance Building

The Home Insurance Building was built with a steel frame in 1885 after the Great Chicago Fire destroyed parts of the mostly wooden city in 1871. Photograph: Underwood & Underwood/Corbis The Home Insurance Building was a skyscraper in Chicago, United States, designed by William Le Baron Jenney in 1884, for the Home Insurance Company in New York. Completed a year later, […]

History of The Chicago Club ( founded in 1869 )

The Chicago Club, founded in 1869, is a private social club located at 81 East Van Buren Street at Michigan Avenue in the Loop neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois in the United States. Its membership has included many of Chicago’s most prominent businessmen, politicians, and families. History In the mid-1860s, a social group formed in Chicago, Illinois that met on State Street. The group later met […]

History of The Goodman Theatre in Chicago

Goodman Theatre is a professional theater company located in Chicago’s Loop. A major part of the Chicago theatre scene, it is the city’s oldest currently active nonprofit theater organization. Part of its present theater complex occupies the landmark Harris and Selwyn Theaters property. History The Goodman was founded in 1925 as a tribute to the Chicago playwright Kenneth Sawyer Goodman, who died in the Great Influenza Pandemic in […]

Project: Promotion of tourist attractions in 3D-TAP3D

The project is co-funded by European Union trough Interreg – IPA Cross – Border Programme “Bulgaria – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” Project: Promotion of tourist attractions in 3D-TAP3D Number of : CB006.1.21.193 The project of the cross-border cooperation program between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia (2014-2020), Promotion of tourist […]