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Historic Mansions on Long Island – Hempstead House (Guggenheim Estate)

Hempstead House, also known as the Gould-Guggenheim Estate or Sands Point Preserve, is a large estate that was started by Howard Gould and completed by Daniel Guggenheim in 1912. It is located in Sands Point, New York The estate The grounds contain two castle-like buildings, Hempstead House, the main house, and a smaller house, known as Castle Gould. The main house measures 225 ft […]

Lillian Sefton Dodge Estate

Lillian Sefton Dodge Estate, also known as Sefton Manor and Mill Neck Manor Lutheran School for the Deaf, is a historic estate located at Mill Neck in Nassau County, New York. It has 34 rooms and is 60,000 square feet. It was designed in 1922 by the architectural firm Clinton and Russell for cosmetics executive Lillian Sefton Dodge. It was inspired by St. […]

Historical Mansions Of The Bronx

Many of the old mansions of the Bronx are still extant and many of them have disappeared, but most of them have an interesting history either politically or socially and we give an account of some of the more important ones by a writer who was born and bred in the Bronx and has an […]

Chicago’s greatest remaining Gilded Age mansions – John J. Glessner House

The John J. Glessner House, operated as the Glessner House, is an architecturally important 19th-century residence located at 1800 S. Prairie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. It was designed in 1885–1886 by architect Henry Hobson Richardson and completed in late 1887. The property was designated a Chicago Landmark on October 14, 1970. The site was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on April 17, […]

A history of Astoria Park, Queens, NYC

Astoria Park, a 59.96-acre (242,600 m2) park located along the East River in the New York City borough of Queens, contains one of the largest open spaces in Queens. The park is operated and maintained by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Situated in Astoria and adjacent to the Triborough (Robert F. Kennedy) and Hell Gate Bridges, the park contains New York City’s oldest […]

The Ruins of King Zog’s New York Mansion, Long Island

Long Island, New York is home to a legion of stately mansions that in the early 20th century, would provide the inspiration and backdrop for The Great Gatsby. The so-called ‘Gold Coast’ became the playground for Manhattan’s wealthy elite, who built themselves English-styled grand houses, with plush, landscaped gardens, and the most luxurious interiors money could […]

History of the Third Ave Elevated Train (El) In The Bronx, NY

The Third Ave El (or Third Avenue Elevated Line) train was an elevated railway that ran from Chatham Square in the City Hall area of Manhattan to Gun Hill and White Plains Roads in the Bronx from 1878 to 1955. The Bronx section of the Third Ave El ran from East 149th St. and Third […]

Lyric Opera of Chicago 1954

Lyric Opera of Chicago is one of the leading opera companies in the United States. It was founded in Chicago in 1954, under the name ‘Lyric Theatre of Chicago’ by Carol Fox, Nicolà Rescigno and Lawrence Kelly, with a season that included Maria Callas’s American debut in Norma. The company was re-organized by Fox in 1956 under its present name and, after her 1981 departure, […]

Gold Coast Gems: Mansions Of Long Island

The Gold Coast is home to stunning grand estates, set against a backdrop of the picturesque shores of Long Island. A highlight of the 1920s Gatsby-era, these homes have stood the test of time, with many transforming into museums, venues and historical memorials of years past. Take a tour of these Gold Coast mansions and […]

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a Roman Catholicparish church under the authority of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, located three blocks south of Fordham University at the corner of Belmont Avenue and 627 East 187th Street, Fordham, the Bronx, New York City, New York. Parish history Another parish church for Italians existed in 1892, located at 447 E 115th Street, […]